The oSa®-trademark – Your sign of safety

There are currently no globally binding safety requirements for abrasives. Whatever the application, a crucial factor for the protection of the user is always the safety of the abrasive product since abrasives of an unknown safety level can pose a high risk to life and limb. The safety in grinding and verifiable safety standards are thus increasingly becoming a competitive advantage and a crucial purchase argument for your customers.

Do you need to make purchasing decisions concerning your range of abrasives? Then opt for the oSa®-trademark. It indicates tested quality products in line with the EN Safety Standards.

Products with the oSa®-trademark are in increasing demand worldwide and provide your company with a cutting edge over suppliers of inferior tools of unknown safety level.

The right to use the almost globally protected oSa®-trademark is exclusively granted to manufacturers who voluntarily commit themselves to consistently adhere to the European Safety Standards.

In case of an accident not only the reputation of your company is at risk. A supplier of unsafe abrasive tools also bears the risk of being held liable. Only clearly marked abrasive products can be traced back to the manufacturer in case of liability.

Behind the oSa®-trademark stands a stringent system of admission and monitoring for abrasive manufacturers. Mandatory factory inspections by independent auditors, the evidence of a certified quality management system, regular ongoing production controls and their documentation are mandatory requirements for a membership. Each oSa®-labeled product is traceable to the time and place of production.

Based on their self-commitment, oSa-members give the following assurances:

Do not take any unnecessary risks, choose the right safety sign. The oSa-logo on the abrasive product offers you maximum safety in trade through mandatory compliance with the EN Safety Standards and surely more economic success.

Specialist trade – the link between user and manufacturer

There are numerous tools that are simple to use and have neither markings nor are supplied with an instruction manual. Among these are hammers and screwdrivers. The situation is quite different for abrasive products. A wrongly selected abrasive or its improper use carries a high risk of injury.

Informing the user on the correct use of an abrasive is the responsibility of the manufacturer and the trader. In cooperation with their members, oSa has developed relevant information, tools and educational material.

Please contact us. We will explain to you the different markings on an abrasive product. We will inform you about the possibilities to sell oSa-labeled abrasives under your own trademark (Private-Label-Products).

With questions concerning special abrasives or special applications, we have the possibility to contact our members and provide significant advice to you.

oSa has a regular presence at the International Hardware Fair Cologne, a venue that has developed into a meeting place for dealers, manufacturers and users.

abrasives with the oSa®-trademark

There are three basic European Safety Standards for abrasives

EN 12413:    Safety Requirements for Bonded Abrasives
EN 13236:    Safety Requirements for Superabrasives
EN 13743:    Safety Requirements for Coated Abrasives

Basically, a manufacturer and oSa-member is allowed to label all abrasives listed in these standards with the protected oSa®-trademark. The Scope of oSa®-Products must however be agreed in advance with oSa.

Essentially there are the following product groups:

  • Bonded abrasives (various bond types) including cutting-off and grinding wheels (mainly resinoid bond, fibre reinforced)
  • Superabrasives for precision grinding
  • Superabrasives for stone & construction
  • Coated abrasives

The safety standards are reviewed at regular intervals and a full revision can take up to five years to publish. Often our members’ innovations and new product developments could consequently be excluded from the scope of the standard and be unable to bear the EN marking. oSa takes this into account by granting their members the right to label products not covered by the EN-Standards with the oSa®-trademark on condition that certain requirements are fulfilled (Non-standard Products). 

These abrasives do however not carry any EN-marking. The manufacturer nevertheless ensures that they have a high and verifiable safety level, which must be proven to oSa by means of prototype testing.

Correctly marked abrasives are also important for traders and importers. The market surveillance authorities pay increasing attention to the correct EN-marking on the product. In customer service, the clear symbols help to unambiguously define the range of application of an abrasive disc, and finally, they provide the user with the necessary information on the safe and correct handling of the product.

The key requirements placed on the marking of abrasives are explained below:

EN12413 (download)
EN13236 (download)
EN13743 (download)



OEM or Private-Label Product

Members of oSa have two options to sell abrasives marked with the oSa®-logo: either under their own, usually legally protected trademark or via Private-Label customers (PL-customers).

The latter have their own trademark(s). It is thus impossible for the customer to identify the manufacturer of the abrasive disc. But also in such cases, oSa ensures traceability to the time and place of production.

The key is the 5-digit PL-number, which the member applies for at the oSa-headquarters. Each PL-customer receives his own number, which must be affixed on the abrasive. In case of an accident, the number serves to identify the manufacturer, even if the product is supplied to the user via a chain of distributors. The number remains the same.

This procedure also applies if an oSa-member orders abrasives from a different oSa-member and sells them under his own brand.

The allocation of numbers is however strictly confidential. Only the respective member, the oSa and the PL-customer, to whom the number was allocated, know the connections.

oSa-members and their range of products


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