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Use of the oSa-trademark on your products
As oSa-member you voluntarily commit to manufacture your abrasives in line with the highest safety regulations on the basis of the EN-safety standards. In return, you are granted the right to mark the oSa®-trademark on your products. This oSa®-trademark is almost globally protected and stands for tested safety according to the highest safety standards.

International trademark communication
As strong organisation, the oSa®-trademark is internationally recognised and accepted as the sign for verifiable safety on the abrasives market. We actively communicate with all relevant target groups including the users of abrasives. For many years now, we have been present at the world’s largest trade fair for power tools, the International Hardware Fair Cologne, and also carry out regular public relations campaigns.

Competent specialist consulting
We advise our members on all issues relating to the safety of abrasives.

Current information on all aspects of safety standards
oSa is the foremost organisation for abrasive safety and is actively involved in international standardisation activities. As an oSa-member you have unlimited access to information on current standards and new developments in standardisation.

Support in crisis management
By adhering to the highest safety levels on the basis of the EN Safety Standards, you reduce the product liability risk for your company. You will gain security by clear documentation and traceability of your production processes. This protects you from damages to your company’s reputation, but also from financial risks. We assist and advise you, should nevertheless something go wrong and, for example, where a recall action for defective abrasive tools must be organised.

The copy honours the master
So goes a Chinese saying. We however think nothing of it. The oSa consistently fights against trademark infringements and counterfeiters. With the assistance of experienced lawyers, we support you in your fight against counterfeits of your manufacturer’s brand and our protected oSa®-trademark.

Our members, active in all major world markets, immediately inform us if an unsafe, counterfeited or incorrectly marked abrasive emerges somewhere. By means of our own market research, we identify where counterfeits are traded and try to close down this activity.


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