Your way towards an oSa-membership

Companies which produce and market abrasive products from manufactured abrasives, such as corundum, silicon carbide, ceramic corundum, zircon corundum, diamond and cubicle boron nitride (CBN), can become oSa members.
The technical requirements for oSa membership are summarized here.

Steps towards your oSa membership

Written application for membership is to be submitted to the oSa secretary's office and with it the willingness to adhere to the oSa's safety regulations on the basis of the EN Safety Standards.

Basis for the in-house tests stipulated by the oSa is the Technical Annex (as of November 2017).
The oSa requests from its members the creation of safe and healthy working conditions and a responsible environmental behaviour (see Ethical Annex, as of February 2009).

  1. Should you be interested in filing an application, please send the documents

    • Membership application form (as of February 2017), here for download as PDF and word document, signed and with all relevant supporting documents, 
      Annex to the membership application form (xls-files): 
      Tables 'Scope of oSa-products' for 


    • design test report form (xls-files):
      Sufficient destructive design test results, required under 1.6 of the application form, are of major importance for us in order to assess if an applicant has read and understood the Technical Annex and the relevant EN-Safety Standard. To prepare for these tests you will need to define the scope of products included in your application and to select and agree with oSa a list of suitable benchmark products for testing. It is insufficient to conduct tests on only one batch, the tests must be conducted on several different production batches of 20 samples for each test and the test results compared with the previous results to confirm consistency. In addition, all test results must be recorded using the official design test report forms and sent to oSa for examination.
    • duly-signed copy of the Constitution (as of August 2018) (for legal reasons the German version of the constitution is mandatory. An english translation is available here)
    • duly-signed copy of the Conditions of Use for the oSa-Trademark (as of June 2018)
    • a product catalogue in triplicate to the following address:

      Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa)
      PO Box 7564
53075 Bonn

  2. On the basis of the product catalogue we will choose abrasives which we will ask you to send to the IFA at the applicant's expenses (IFA: Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung:, formerly BGIA).
  3. Provided the test results are positive, we will fix an appointment for the factory inspection (at the applicant's expenses). The document "Preparing for the Inspection" aims to prepare the applicant for the inspection.   
  4. The factory inspection (audit) is carried out. The auditor fills in the factory inspection report.
  5. If the factory inspection is positive, the application will be presented to our Board of Trustees at one of its regular meetings for their final vote
  6. The final vote of the Board of Trustees finally determines if an applicant will be admitted to the oSa
  7. Following the admission into the oSa a yearly repeat audit for a period of 3 years is stipulated.

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