oSa – A global alliance for safe abrasives

Grinding is one of the oldest processing techniques known to mankind. Its roots go back to the Stone Age. Today, abrasive products have become indispensible in most sectors of industry and fields of application. Grinding has become a key technology.

The global market for abrasives is estimated at around 8 billion USD. This is comparatively low compared to other machining methods. However, the added value to professional users is enormous.

Grinding and cutting-off operations however can present serious risks if the abrasive product is not used correctly. Mainly in the range of hand-held abrasive operations, thousands of accidents, some of them fatal occur each year and regrettably there are still no globally binding safety regulations for abrasives.

Therefore in the year 2000, 17 leading manufacturers founded the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa®), with the aim to enable users, dealers and purchasers to distinguish abrasives with an assured safety level from those with unknown safety. The distinctive mark is the almost globally protected oSa®-trademark:

Only after fulfilment of strict admission criteria, the applicant is granted the right to mark this logo on his products. Specific rules apply to enable identification of the origin and authenticity of private-labelled products which are sold in both the professional and DIY markets.


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